Crossy World

Simple and secure web conferencing

People connecting and communicating. Anyone can connect easily and freely.
  • Web video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • End to end encrypted
  • No registrations, no accounts
  • Free for everyone

Your privacy

We respect you and what you do. But we don't need to know it. We do not offer free cookies and we don't track you.

Crossy World is a peer to peer communication platform, your audio and video does not pass through any server. No one can listen or record your conversations.

Why we created Crossy World

We have been using various video chat and conferencing systems. There are lots of them out there but unfortunately all of these systems focus on the product features and the company they run, none cared about the people who actually use the system. Not the UX, not the UI, not all the functionality, but the people who use the system.

People using such systems become the product and a minuscule part of the massive money making machines who have absolutely no respect for the individuals or individuality.

There are better ways to build a company or make a good living than to confuse everyone, collect personal data and exploit. We need a change and we are committed to make that change.


Crossy World uses WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) and other web technologies which are built in to the most modern browsers.

Browser support

Tested with Chrome 78, Firefox 70.0.1, Safari 13.0.3 and Opera 65

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